About Us

           We believe to be ASSERTIVE and DECISIVE with our work to meet expectations and satisfaction with our customer. We are not being OPINIONATED or whatsoever, but we are GOAL-ORIENTED and PURPOSEFUL with our mission to serve the community.


  • A computer shop who sell ComputersLaptops, Parts and Services.
  • Our business started from scratch into a computer shop.
  • Hardships and struggles became our catalyst to beat poverty and we drew strength and inspiration from our children.
  • Start small think big become a reality to us, with the help of GEM Model ( Gathering, Enhancing and Marketing) through the guiding Principle of KAIZEN and the importance of keeping good records by turning  the inventory often gives us the leverage among our competitors.
  • We never stopped integrating principles and rule of thumbs for our business.
  • The computer shop was founded 2007.

Our Marketing Pillars

  • Lead the Way-We use the power of technical expertise by giving  fast and reliable services, consistent supply of quality products and technology.  To maintain a close collaboration with our customers and satisfy their needs.
  • Take Control– We focus on our customer’s needs by giving them the benefits they get not the comparison. Trust and honesty in the workplace.
  • Pursue Specific Goal-To be the engine of business growth towards global competitiveness.
  • Voice your Opinions of Authority-We provide fast and reliable services. Good quality and consistent supply of products. A business with a heart to serve the community.

Our Goal

         To deliver efficient, reliable and respectful public service with integrity and quality products.