This 4 DIGIT- DUAL RELAY GOMA Timer enables its users to use a 1 Peso Coinslot and 5 Peso Coinslot at the same time, The Rate Per Minute varies and will be based on their own chosen settings. Its simply the 1 Peso Coinslot Terminal on your Timer Terminal is x1 and the 5 Peso is x5 depending on their own setting adjustments. Use the Red Jumper settings 1-4 or 5 to set the desired time per minute therein.

Product Description are the following:

  • Specially Designed to for Dual Coin slot 1 & 5 Pesos
  • 4 Digit Seven Segment Display
  • Can Also be Used with just 1 Coinslot that your Prefer
  • Color Coded Wires for easy Installation
  • Can Customize Minute Rates Per Credit
  • Super loud buzzer sound
  • Digital four (4) digit timer
  • Heavy duty dual relay
  • Can install two (2) coinslots at the same time
  • Easy to assemble
  • Replaceable relay when problems occur
  • With 4 screw holes
  • Can be used on any Personal Computer systems
  • Super durable and high quality


The Price is negotiable.

You can buy 4 DIGIT- DUAL RELAY GOMA at Tsong-tech Computer Shop located in #53 Luke Wright, Dumaguete City Negros Oriental.

Reminder: We don’t ship our item.


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